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Jan 10, 2013 12:00pm EST
connolly, and robert whitman along with mark warner and tim kane. the proposed site is in springfield, virginia. the fairfax county board unanimously approved a resolution urging the congress and to lobby for the move. >> new numbers show gun -- unemployment claims rose slightly. 371,000 people filed first-time claims, up 4000 from the week before. this is still an improvement over last year. in the first week of 2012, 390,000 filed claims. today's numbers reflect a slight improvement. >> speaking of improvement, all you have to do is look outside of the weather. dealing with a few clouds, but otherwise really mild temperatures. >> it is a beautiful day. bright sunshine.gorgeous. if today we have the clouds moved in with that front. today nothing but sunshine. arlington, here is a live look. you can see, nothing but blue with one high, thin cloud overhead. early in arlington after a morning low of 45. 49 in sterling. for the most part locally and north of the metro, upper 40's. montgomery village 45. fredericksburg 54. culpeper 53. for the most part, temperatures bread will be lower
Jan 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
is because they have for these amazing stories about how edgar allan poe courted sarah helen whitman. she was actually a thought herself. she was a writer and a prominent woman here in providence. and she had become quite enamored by mr. edgar allan poe, much to her family's dissatisfaction. because he had some kind of reputation that was not good. but sarah helen whitman would come here and edgar allan poe would come here and order. so the story was of the meeting. his signature is in pencil under this poem that he will for her in this book. our collections represent the reading interests of the populace at that time. as a combination of the founding fathers that continue to work here and didn't want to discard anything, we retain those collections and now those collections represent insights into a group of people that are trying to form a library at that time were their own civilization is taking form. this place has witnessed civil unrest, economic unrest, the american revolution, whether travesties and still has continued to keep its personality. today we continue to be true to our m
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
flows come back in. it's a fix and rebuild year in 2013, meg whitman said that, 340 to 360 is the eps guidance, way too high. totally agree. the investor sentiment is so totally depressed on that story, fixed rebuild, add one thing. add to fix and rebuild, break up, that will happen at the end of next year. you have relational investors, david whitework, he owns 34.5 million shares. his agreement ends at the end of 2013, not to fight for a breakup. >> if you break it up you're left with two underperforming companies, two old technology companies that should get commodity multiples like steel, you don't have growth. >> but you're left with a company that is currently priced around 15 bucks that's worth more than that in a breakup closer to probably $20, generating $10 billion. >> here is the potential problem to the bear case, it plays to not wanting to short it. >> right. >> because any bit of good news pops the stock. >> absolutely right. >> free cash flow generation is still strong. >> meg whitman did a good job at ebay but she's not a hardware person. she was on the board for virtu
Jan 19, 2013 12:15pm EST
's relationship to walt whitman, johnny damon's relationship to mickey mantle in the new york yankees center field or mickey mantle's relationship to joe dimaggio in center field. talk about anxieties of influence. no difference at all. the question is what is it about writers to think about these professions? plumbers think about joe on ninth street could really, really make that fitting, etc.. or so and so couldn't. but i wanted to begin with my touchstone hear, he was teasing me the other day, she said what is this? it is all guys talking about guys. this is a moment to repair some of that because you have two guys and dolls if we can be loose about language, writing about other women, one in the form of fiction, one in the form of biography. what is this thing about guy writers getting into the lives of other guy writers. i want to know from the ladies what is involved with ladies getting involved in ladies's live, particularly, judith fetterman mentioned before she wrote about colette and isaac nivens and it was a glorious time and who said go for it. we need some stories about these people.
Jan 20, 2013 12:15am EST
asked harold bloom one time what is the difference between stephen's relationship to walt whitman and johnny damon's relationship to mickey mantle in the new york yankees centerfield or mickey mantle's relationship to joe dimaggio in that centerfield? talk about anxieties of influence. he said there is no difference at all. the question is simply what is it about writers to think of these other professions. plumbers too probably thinking about joe blow on ninth street could really really make that sitting etc. or so-and-so couldn't. but i wanted to begin with my touchdown phyllis rose's observation. he was teasing me after the session. she said what is this? it's all guys. it's all guys talking about guys. and i thought this is a moment to repair it partly because we had to guys and dolls writing about other women won in the form of fiction and one in the form of biography. but phyllis opened the question with what is this thing about guy writers getting into the lives of other guy writers? i want to know first of all from the ladies perhaps what about ladies getting involved in l
Jan 3, 2013 4:00am PST
in 2012, ceo meg whitman says h-p may shed some units not meeting sales targets. the company recently incurred an $8.8-billion writedown of acquired software company autonomy, renewing calls from shareholders to dispose of underperforming divisions such as personal computers & printers. once again, warren buffett's berkshire hathaway performed better than the rest of the market, mostly by betting on banks. the oracle of omaha is known for his stock picking stragtegies. for 2012, buffett's berkshire class-a shares gained 17%, while the s&p 500 index advanced 13%. among the top performers in the buffett portfolio, wells fargo, american express and... there was also that $5-billion wager on bank of america. buffett bought shares of b.a.c. at $7.14 in august of 2011. the stock now trades around $12 and jumped more than 100% last year. it's likely intel's new tv service will not be ready in time for this month's consumer electronics show. the chip- maker is creating a new video cable & streaming service that offers individual channels and even individual shows on an a la carte basis to sub
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
, and the wizards are 3-1 this year. randy whitman, one of the many people happy to see the team superstar back on the court. early on, it was the other team's point guard, chris paul. he's going to drive the lane here. he gets the layup to go. finally get on the board, it's 5-2. the big man backs down blake griffin. beautiful looking hook shot here. 16-14, wizards lead it. the clippers, they're currently up now 42-33. >>> someone not named otto porter jr. has to step you are for georgetown. once they announced greg whittington was spenlded indefinitely because of academic issues, the hoyas have skrugd struggled. hoyas in tampa looking for their third win in a row. first half action, hoyas, they're on the run to smith. rivera with the dish to aaron bowen for the slam. led by eight at halftime. second half, usf up five. otto porter from beyond the arc and it is good. game high 21 points for porter. georgetown within two. later in the half, bulls on top by three. smith rivera takes it himself and finishes with the lay-in. hoyas down just one now. 12.2 seconds to go. hoyas still trail by one. port
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am PST
whitman is getting paid to guide a struggling hewlett-packard. according to company filings, hp paid her $15.4 million. only $1 of that is salary. $2 million is bonuses and perks. the rest is stock awards and stock options. in her first year with hp, whitman received $16.5 million. almost all of that is stock options. the median pay of a ceo of a public major company in 2011 was $9.6 million, according to the executive pay research firm. >>> a well-known south bay hotel will soon be changing its iconic name. the san jose "mercury news" reports that the st. clair hotel will soon become the westin san jose. it was sold in 2011. it has a deep history in san jose opening in 1926 as the saint claire. it will officially become the westin san jose in july. >>> coming up, we will show you the san jose native that shined during last night's play-off game. and plus why the 49ers' big win is a big win for san francisco school kids. the sharks return to the ice this morning. we'll tell you when their first game at hp pavilion will be. >>> looking live at alcatraz and coit tower, a bright blue start
Jan 3, 2013 5:00pm EST
, wait for $115. >> all right jane? >> next, here is what meg whitman is saying right now. ha-ha. that's my nelson muntz imitation. >> nice. >> we were going to use the real one but we were afraid of getting sued. hewlett-packard has gone from worst to first. up over 6% in 2013. bull before you can print that, "the wall street journal" reports that hp may be boosting by selling receivables to third parties to collect on those bills, reporting their cash usually than it would normally do, means shares may not be as cheap as they seem, melissa. >> beeks, what's the trade here in trash to treasure? wearound. >> that's probably, everybody thought you've got all the bad news out, you flush the bad news out here. i'm not sure that that's enough to say that hue let pack around is going to go up and have a multiyear trend. in fact, i don't think it's going to. i liked it for a trade. i would get out of it here. i think maybe on a pull-back, if you believe meg whitman over the next five to ten years can turn this around and you've got some patience, then you can buy. >> give to ten years of pat
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
it is that meg whitman has outlined a multiyear plan. this year, fiscal '13, is a year of stabilization. they're expecting declines in revenue and decline in eps. chef has gone on the record saying next year, fiscal '14, she expects the company to actually grow. and i think that will be challenging for the company. and so, my belief, is, look, either the current management team affects change and makes hp better over the next 12 to 18 months or i think management itself, the board or external forces may come in and say, look, you're unable to do it. this thing is too big, too unwieldly. you've prichb oven it's too dift to manage. we believe the sum of the parts, as i mentioned, somewhere around $30 a share collectively. >> it's karen, toni. you only see that hatching in the breakup scenario? >> look, i -- i think it's -- i think if hp were able to stabilize revenues and if they actually were able to show any kind of growth in fiscal '14, which, again, is the stated plan and i think you have to hair cut that somewhat. if they could show this is a company with $3.50 in earnings, which is the gu
Jan 17, 2013 12:00pm PST
with the dangerously mental ill?" thank you for joining us. you talk about whitman that climbed up on the tower of university of texas austin and started firing shots and killing people and you talk about how in hindsight you could sort of -- you could trace it back to specific bio markers in his brain. look at the brain in an autopsy and almost see what triggered that and you seem to indicate some hope that, you know, maybe future research identify more bio markers. seems optimistic to me. do you think that we can trace it down to something at level or a lot of people out there who there's no bio marker to say, hey, this person is prone to violence? >> yeah, i'm sure you're right. since i know "the cycle" is a hoax-free zone today, i'm a scientist so -- >> every day, by the way. every day hoax free zone. >> i got it. so now i'm intrigued by the work of a neuro scientist of david eagleman who used whitman as an example and actually in his suicide note for an autopsy to be done because he felt like something had gone wrong inside of him and lo and behold doing the autopsy, they found a tumor the
Jan 19, 2013 12:40pm EST
and writing about and in relationship, and walt whitman, this is not just getting the facts straight or getting the story coherent. it is a much deeper kind of commitment but even there, there are rises this whole mystery of influence, with or without anxiety or at angony. your turn. >> obviously i think anybody who's starts to do a biography of somebody, you learn about their inner self and outer self and if you think of yourself as a person, an interesting horrible experience a few weeks ago of having found a bag of diaries i wrote in the 80s and when i was in my 30s, it was horrifying because as i read through these, if anybody ever found them they would think i was the most depressed semi suicidal terrible person that ever existed. i found it so disgusting that i hated myself. i don't think that was the person -- i was a nice person from the midwest and in thought i was this raging beast. that is what i was writing down. as a biographer you are looking through all of these letters and scraps of paper, especially as a historical figure you don't really have except other lenders an
Jan 10, 2013 4:00pm PST
hp. ceo mike whitman tells bloomberg business week it's going to take five years to turn around the company. the report drama about hp and the economy accounting scandal is much worse than what is actually going on. as for the future of hp, the company will ultimately return to the smart phone business. she says she has no plans to spinoff the printer division. >> meantime, amazon is stepping up challenge to itunes and google and others with a with the cloud feature. it will allow customers to get free copies of the music in the cloud. if you bought a gd on amazon you may be eligible to convert it. so far 50,000 albums are available. >> facebook first designer is leaving the company for the second time. he created the like button and also introduced photo tag. he was recruited by shawn parker to facebook and left the company for a short time before coming back. no word on his future plans. >>> it was a good day for the markets. stocks closed higher, with s&p 500 closing the highest level in five years. bloomberg index also closed higher. if one of your new year's resolution to l
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am EST
to be reopened. to find out how to get around all of this, turning things over to j. whitman. -- jamie. >> we are overhead with news choppers 7. a 3 mile back up in each direction. on the outer loop just north of 214 central ave. a lot going on. the shows the intensity of what is going on with the crash. the right loop. we do have three lanes getting by. let's put you on the map. as you are planning this morning, here is where the crash is. think about alternates getting through town. the 295. any of the arteries. back to you. >> thank you. taking a look at the day ahead, the jury returns to begin deliberations on the sentencing for the for more culpeper police officer convicted in the death of an unarmed woman. jurors found daniel harmon- wright guilty in the shooting death of patricia cook last february. he testified he fired in self- defense. prosecutors said the shooting was unnecessary. >> john leopold could soon be out of a job. the county council, hold an emergency meeting today to discuss their move to oust him. the judge found him guilty of using his police detail and county employee
Jan 30, 2013 5:00pm EST
criminals only law-abiding americans. >> guns meg whitman saber. over 90% of violent crimes occur without a firearm, which make guns and a great equalizer for women. >> background checks will never be universal because criminals will never submit to them. >> there are definitely passions on both sides of the issue. one place on the million moms facebook page said if you are anti-gun, don't bother crying for help when you are raped or murdered. in the six weeks since it form, and has almost $60,000 on facebook. -- 60,000 followers on facebook. >> a conviction of former police officer daniel harmon-wright may be thrown out after several jurors admitted to looking at a dictionary before the trial and before rendering their verdict. jeff will have a live report on that story coming up at 5:30. >> officials were in hot water tonight after was revealed that waited to warn the public about a meningitis outbreak. they waited nearly a week before alerting area residents. in the meantime there have been 25 cases of meningitis reported including two deaths. >> we turn to our special coverage of supe
Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm EST
whitman's team played best basketball. tonight the streak was snapped by the kings. everyone happy to see the wizards play these days. second quarter. had a big game. wizard up four at halftime. wiz down by two. martel webster. knocked down the bank shot. that would tie the game. 18 points. not playing for overtime. trying to win it. isaiah thomas. smallest guy on the court. with the floater. 22 points. wizards laws a heartbreaker. 96-94. and one final note. tiger woods, wins the farmer's insurance open. finished up. because of weather delays over the weekend. his 75th. pga tour win. devastating loss >> the miami heat paid a visit to the white house. the president praised the title run. and joked a pickup game, helped them get ready for the championship. the president said he didn't want to take all the credit but said going up against him prepared them to take on the likes of kevin durant. right. one thing you got to say about the president and his game, it's all about talking trash. there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a
Jan 16, 2013 9:00am EST
'd like to introduce doctor debra whitman, aarp's executive vice president for policy international oversees the public policy institute and the middle-class security project. dr. whitman is an authority on aging issues and has dedicated her career to solving problems affecting future health security. and other issues related. dr. whitman. [applause] >> good morning. barry rand cover a lot of ground. i want to take just a few minutes to touch on some issues he raised and talk about policies we should pursue to strengthen the middle class. today we're releasing 99 research papers from aarp's other policy institute that explore critical elements affecting middle-class success. these include income, assets, housing, health care, and education. our research demonstrates that these elements are combined to make it increasingly difficult for families to maintain their standard of living. many important takeaways to these studies, but i want to point out just a few. first, millions and millions of americans consider themselves, the work otherwise common currently consider themselves part o
Jan 12, 2013 5:00am PST
electronics. including in the top 100, notables like current hewlett-packard's ceo meg whitman. the owner of the nba's nets and former google ceo eric schmidt. and the biggest leap for a ceo from harvard's last ranking in 2010 was made by lars sorensen who leads the pharmaceutical manufacturer. he jumped all the way from number 233 to number 20. >> and joining us now is susan battery, an expert on leadership and career experts. she's a ceo herr of battley consultants. good morning. >> do you think they got it right? i think they got it right on one aspect which is shareholder value over time. while this is critical in terms of what investors are looking at, i do believe it's only one metric. we have many others especially in american companies we want to look at do our ceos grow jobs are they adding more broadly to innovation. they looked at one which is an easy one to measure, but it's not the only one. >> the other ones are harder to measure, though, aren't they? >> they are harder to measure but with our american companies, ceos have an obligation to investors, y
Jan 4, 2013 7:00am EST
central across the street from you for six weeks lisa whitman and her family they live aid cross the street from this, guys and girls going buckwild. for the whitmans, the only thing worse than the late-night noise, confrontations like this between a cast member and a neighbor. >> i watched the producer actually talk to the lady and tell her exactly how he wanted her to come off on film. i guess they thought that we were all uneducated? >> it shows all the stereotypes of west virginia. >> reporter: waitresses at the first watch diner are angry that west virginians are being portrayed as rowdy rednecks. >> reporter: if i were to do a reality show, what would it look like? >> hard-working people who work hard for their family and that means sometimes working two or three jobs. >> reporter: we're here now. and we're passing buddy b's market. >> yep. it's been there a long time. >> reporter: before he was mayor of charleston, danny jones was the mayor of charleston oversee overseeing sissonville. >> you can find all kinds of people that live in sissonville, wj, a west virginia, and t
Jan 12, 2013 3:50pm EST
employees than at any time since governor whitman left office in january 2001. we promised to reduce the size of government, and we have delivered. we have also held the line on taxes. we have held the line on spending. we have made new jersey a more attractive place in which to grow a business, to grow jobs, to raise a family. this legislature knows the history. in fiscal year 2010, we faced a $2 billion budget deficit with only 5 1/2 months left in the fiscal year when we took office. we cut over 200 programs and balanced the budget with no new taxes. in fiscal year 2011, the picture was even worse -- a projected $11 billion deficit on a budget of $29 billion -- in percentage terms, the worst in the nation. in total, we cut 832 programs. each department of government was reduced. an 8% cut in spending, in real dollars spent -- not against some phony baseline. but with this legislature's help, again we balanced the budget without raising taxes. because we had made the tough choices, last year's budget was a bit easier. we were able not only to balance the budget, but to actually beg
FOX Business
Jan 2, 2013 3:00pm EST
with whitman saying we are just partway into a long term recovery for the company. at the moment, better by nearly 5%, and money flowing into hp, stocks where you take the worst performance of 2012, buy them in 2013 because of the yield. hp with a 4% dividend. intel did not do well, and second half starting the year off on the right foot, and it's better by 2.75%. what's not working today? anybody's getting hit who is long volatility, getting crushed. the vix plunging at the moment. double digit percentages here. keep in mind, the fear index as its known, was north of 20 just five p months ago, and just a few days ago, looking where it is now, 15.23. the fear gauge coming dramatically down based on the idea there's calm and order in washington. we had traders short on vix, going down more. oil, gold, showed you, equities higher, but does this last? let's get to the floor show, traders at the new york stock exchange, and looking at very nice volume, 30% above the one-month average here. >> happy new year, liz. yes, it's been a great show. actually, performed better than i thought with the
FOX Business
Jan 31, 2013 3:00pm EST
for hewlett-packard and meg whitman to say we told you so at least for a minute. a much bigger trend here. talk about a beaten down stocks, hewlett-packard the only dow stock that is down from the march of 2009 bear market lows missing the amazing bull run the rest of the dow has seen, it is down about 14% but might be the start of something new. plummeting natural gas prices changing the face of energy in the u.s. and sparking a very loud and massive debate over how to best but the cheap energy we have here to use. joining me in a fox business exclusive dominion resources' chairman, ceo and president tom farrell in richmond, va.. i am thrilled to have you on the program because i find this company extraordinarily interesting. what some people might believe to be a simple utility, you are very complicated. hydro renewable, natural gas, nuclear, very impressive to look at all you are doing. the numbers slunk to bill haas but x items you did quite well. the question being you plan to sell three cote labs. i looked at that and said you getting out of the coal business? is cold over for the t
FOX News
Jan 6, 2013 8:00am PST
. >> visit the city. have a terrific cheesesteak, walk along the waterfront. think about walt whitman and his poetry, you know, the things he saw in camden of relevant today. >> reporter: the say something nice campaign billboard was slated to be up for a month, but was supported by local businesses for january as limp the mayor thinks the campaign won't work overnight, but will have a lasting, positive impact. >> it begins to help by overcoming despair and fear. again, bringing back a sense of hope for people to believe. >> reporter: but statistics say that violent crimes were up significantly in 2012, ending with 67 homicides, a new record. 42% of the population, living below the poverty line and 23 of 26 scalls -- schools receiving failing grades. some saying the campaign is much needed. >> you take a look around, they're definitely redeveloping. there are a lot of positive people here who want things, in spite of the bad publicity that they get with the murder rate and what have you, there are a lot of good people. >> >> reporter: the web site will continue to showcase athletes, local cel
Jan 20, 2013 6:30pm PST
walt whitman, it comes from pablo naruva, and it comes from some of any contemporaries as well. >> what is happening in that poetry? >> what is happening in that poetry is we are breaking through the boundaries of what we accept as a given every single day. we see something else as possible. it is an act of the imagination, and too rarely, people see the connection between the imagination and the political. there is such a thing as the political imagination. >> yes. >> you know, and oftentimes those of us who speak in the language of the impossible or the unthinkable, the unimaginable, are called idealists or dreamers or mad -- hello, william blake -- but we're also pragmatists. we also understand the real world, we also understand the need for visions of a better world because the alternative is despair. and despair is dangerous. >> anybody who talks the way you talk in politics would be dismissed as utopian, margin marginalized as sometimes poets are, right? >> yes. >> why do you think that is? is that because political people can't see the dot on the horizon that you see? >> we assoc
Jan 9, 2013 12:00pm PST
new jersey, he applied it to the gubernatorial contest whitman versus florio. i've read every book i can get my hands on. others feel dated now. but i appreciate all of them. there is however, one that towers above the others. one that set out to do something completely different and that managed to pull it off. the book is "what it takes." it's in the news this week because its author richard ben cramer passed away monday night. a few weeks ago i did what i've been doing with my copy for years now forced it on a friend and said read this. it's the best presidential campaign book ever written. calling it a campaign book is a missed point. it's a little about the campaign but not really. if you read it, you won't learn what the major issues were and where they fit on the spectrum. some of the who ran that year are barely mentioned in the book. a lot of it isn't even set in 1988. what cramer did was pick six candidates who ran, george h.w. bush, bob dole, joe biden, dukakis, gary hart. and devoted his life to learning their lives. the people, the experiences, the failures that shaped t
Jan 26, 2013 6:00am EST
of the net. caps lose 3-2 in ot but pick up their first point of the year. to the hardwood, randy whitman and the wizards taking on the timberwolves. wizards brought it at home. with time winding down, jordan crawford connects from way out. crawford led all scorers with 19 points. wizards win it 114-101. that's your "sports money." hope your saturday is a good one. >>> every night athletes do things that leave us in awe. one lucky nba fan got to shock the players with one amazing shot. this is 50-year-old michael. he sunk a 47-foot half court hook shot in miami to win himself $75,000. if that wasn't enough, it gets even better. he gets a bear hug from heat super star lebron james. it was all part of a contest sponsored by james' foundation. >> you don't realize how big lebron is until he's standing next to a normal person. >>> well, it's the biggest musical ever to hit broadway. this weekend marks a very big anniversary. today marks 25 years since the musical "phantom of the opera." it's become the longest running broadway show of all time. now, in case you were looking for seats for toni
Jan 11, 2013 5:00am EST
coach randy whitman says he has gone hard the last couple of days at practice and he has been pretty close. wall was originally set to miss only eight weeks with a stress injury to his left kneecap. that was 15 weeks ago. >> hopefully, he has learned some lessons through what he has gone through. if it take a little bit of extra time to get built up, then to rather have something nag you the whole year long and eventually keep you out for as long as it's kept him out. >> all right. >> good for him. he is getting back in action. >> yeah. >>> straight ahead at 6:00, we'll go live to fox business network in new york to talk more about staggers numbers that show just how much food is wasted each year. >> let's say good morning to today's fan of the day. time to say hello to kathy heinz weaver, our facebook fan of the day. happy weekend, kathy. to a chance to be mop's fan, post a comment below kathy's picture on our facebook page. we'll come back. we've got plenty to talk about today as we always do. we've got weather, traffic, a whole lot other news. fox 5 morning news will be back in a
Jan 6, 2013 9:00am EST
how edgar allan poe corded sarah whitman here. sarah helen whitman was actually a poet herself, and a writer and a prominent woman here in providence, and she had become quite enamored by mr. poe, much to her family's dissatisfaction, because he had somewhat of a reputation, at sarah helen whitman would come here and use the athenaeum and edgar allan so was known to have visited us here and corded her here in the steps. in fact, we have a copy of a poem that had been published in the american review, anonymously, and the story is that they were meeting in testing and she pointed out and said oh, have you seen this poem? and he says why, sarah, i wrote that for you. and so his signature is in pencil under the poem. our collections really represent the reading interest of the populist at that time. and as a combination of perhaps our reluctance of our founding fathers and librarians that continue to work your and didn't want to discard anything, we retain many of those collections. and so now those collections really represent insights into a group of people that we're trying to
Jan 16, 2013 3:00pm EST
, if in fact there are no signs that the turnaround undertaken by ceo meg whitman is finding success but at this point they are not interested in trying to break up this company in any way, shape or form. no surprise that bankers got to do their job and make incoming or outgoing phone calls to companies and see if there's any interest. that's how they get paid. >> absolutely. david, thanks so much. as you saw, the market has been worsening as the david has been talking down. the market down 36 opinion on the dow jones industrial average. we are right about 30 minutes before the closing bell sounds for the day. former senator alan simpson told me yesterday he didn't think the republicans should use the debt ceiling as leverage to cut spending. >> i think that would be a grave mistake. i don't think that would solve anything. i know they are going to try it, and how far you go with that game of chicken i have no idea. >> and more and more republicans are agreeing with him, but utah governor gary herbert, he's not one of them. find out why he's willing to play that game of chicken strai
Jan 16, 2013 5:00pm EST
buyers for its eds business. hp paired some of those gains after it was reported that the ceo meg whitman is not willing to sell yet. what do you make of these rumors? >> we've all talked about the name, talked about it on the sum of the parts issue. tony put on a nice piece that really started to get another catalyst as it started to run out of steam there. but i would say that, we're talking during the break, it depends on what they're going to sell these pieces for and how much they can narrow that gap between what they paid and what they can get for it now. at a certain point, you have to start looking at shedding nonperforming assets. >> yeah, depends on what price. you made that point. if it wasn't a good price, she's going to say no, not yet. >> what a disaster. the whole chapter is -- >> in they spent billions of dollars moving away from the pc-centric business that's been a dying business. we saw the pc data in the last week or so showing that lenovo and acer are nipping on their heels. they just go ahead of dell. so, in some wakes, you cannot let go of the businesses that you th
Jan 29, 2013 8:00am PST
, jenny rom edy, meg whitman, but there's a study that shows 2% of top executive positions like president and chairperson and ceo are held by women. so i don't have a big list of women to tell you about. there is one. making huge headlines. >> sthehe's probably the most famous in silicon valley except cheryl sandberg. melissa meyer runs a company like yahoo!. she's not even 40 yet, not even 40. she's been running the company for it two quarters. and she's got probably the most famous turnaround attempt ahead of her at yahoo hoo. listen. remember this -- at one time, yahoo! search was bigger than this and this. in the 1990s and early 2000s, yahoo! ruled the web, generating more online search traffic than all of its competitors. but then yahoo! lost its way as one chief after another faltered at the helm. right when yahoo! badly needed leadership to maintain relevance on line. >> generally speaking, i think they've been losing the race pretty badly to google and search. i think they've been losing sort of the battle in e-mail and other areas. >> reporter: that's where marissa mayer steps in
Jan 31, 2013 3:00pm EST
$8.8 billion lickety-split. still suffering potential losses, and meg whitman was on the board there, so as i do see long term hp a nice piece of your portfolio, i'm very concerned short term. coming down to the 52-week low of 11. i do agree with rich on bank of america, but unequivocally you cannot deny we've seen a sensational rally and that's been the financials that are the backbone. we're averse at kkk financial that we'll see a pullback. any bank exposure to europe, don't talk about europe anymore, but european woes will come back front and center in 2013, so we do not want to touch it. we like the regional banks. >> okay. so you don't -- go ahead. rich. >> i was going to say i think jeff has hit the nail right on the head. in fact, it's the strength in the broader financial sector that really concerns us, that glaring underperformance of bank of america. keep in mind, this is a strong trending market. in a trending market, you want to sell the losers and buy the winners. in this case you're buying the strength in hewlett-packard and selling that relative underperformance, not
Jan 17, 2013 12:00pm EST
dr. deborah whitman, policy for international who oversees the policy institute and the middle class security project. she is an authority on i aging issues and dead kaled the career to solving problems with economic and health security and other issues leading to population aging. dr. whitman. [applause] good morning. barry rand covered a lot of ground so i want to take a few minutes to focus on issues he raised and talk about policies to pursue to strengthen the middle class. today, we're releasing nine research papers from aarp's public policy institute that explore critical elements affecting middle class success. these include income, assets, housing, health care, and education. our research demonstrates these elements have combined to make it increasingly difficult for families to maintain their standard of living. there are many important take aways from the studies, but i want to point out just a few. first, millions and millions of americans who consider themselves who worked all of their lives and currently consider themselves part of the middle class will face a decline in
Jan 5, 2013 3:55pm EST
and christine todd whitman. marvin odum, president of shell oil company. [applause] >> good to see everyone here. thank you for having us. where is energy demand going? i will use part of my time to do that. this is a story that is probably familiar to everyone in the room. the population from 7 billion today to 9 billion in the middle of the century, potentially doubling energy demand. i will tell you the one phrase that caught me. that kind of growth is the equivalent of creating a new city of 1 million people every week for the next 30 years. when you think about the energy consumed by a city of 1 million people, imagine that. the question becomes, how will we supply that level of energy demand around the world? the prediction of where energy is going is an enormous increase. we worked into a lot of interaction with other companies around the intersection between food, water, and energy. these are very connected. trying to sort out how these connected elements have a positive impact over the coming decades. a couple other quick points. you can look at what is happening in north america. you c
Jan 6, 2013 9:30pm EST
around that. but let's hear the last set of predictions from governor whitman who was, of course, the head of e.p.a. under george w. bush. and also the -- prior to that the 50th governor of the state of new jersey, governor of the state of new jersey, as you will know, has more powers in the state, i think, than any other governor. it's a very important position. and now she chairs the clean and safe energy coalition. [applause] >> thank you very much. in making predictions about 2013, that's a dicey proposition. the chances of getting anything right in this day andage are becoming more and more difficult. but one of the things i will say is you have the department of energy calling for a 22% increase in power demand by 2035 in this country. that, as head of our utility can tell us, is yesterday for the utilities in making some decisions. what do i see for the future? frankly, i think fred is right, we'll see an increased stugs on the issue of climate change and it's going to be driven by the private sector and the state governments. the private sector, state and local government
Jan 17, 2013 5:00am PST
executives will give briefings. meg whitman was there to cut the ribbon but not made available to the press. there is no fighting in the war room either. who will brief us? seema mody is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, seema. >> i'm here. good morning. let's look at the futures right now. futures are lower after another mixed session on wednesday. the dow snapping a five-day winning streak with nearly all losses chalked up to boeing amid safety issues with 787 dreamliner jets. boeing shares are lower again in premarket trading. we get data out today on unemployment filings and new home construction and building permits. plus earnings from big banks like bank of america and citigroup. dow falling 23 points in yesterday's trade and nasdaq edging up by six to close at 3117. a boost by shares of apple. back to you. >> all right. thank you. we'll also hear from intel as well. that company in santa clara, the big chip maker normally tech lifts all boats. we are seeing the opposite this time around. this quarterly season with the reporting numbers have been fairly lousy. i'm not say
Jan 17, 2013 6:00am PST
packard opened a new executive briefing center on its campus. executive meg whitman there to cut the ribbon was not made available to the press. there are no briefings at the executive briefing center. >>> you'll soon be able to see a restaurant's health score when you check it out on yelp. christie smith early for her reservation south of market. city of san francisco working with yelp on this project. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. a restaurant score is on the san francisco health department website. in fact i just went and looked on it. the problem is that it's not that easy to find. you have to click on it. get into the data base and put the name of the restaurant in and you get the idea. it's much easier the way it is now. they are putting that score on the yelp website page. it's on the restaurant profile for any san francisco restaurant starting today. you click on it and it takes you to a second page with date and type of inspection and number and details of the violations if there are any and yelp is hoping what this might do is help raise the bar on food quali
Jan 9, 2013 2:00pm PST
christie is no susan collins. christie isn't even christine todd whitman. chris christie is a guy i could have served with in the hard core wing of the 1994 republican congress. he would have voted with me 100% of the time on these contract with america issues. he wouldn't have gone soft on some of the things that let's say a more moderate republican would go soft on. which is fine. but christie is a hard core jeb bush, joe scarborough conservative. and the fact that some people in washington, d.c. are angry at this guy because he did what any governor would have done. what jeb bush did when bill clinton came to the state of florida when we were having trouble, jeb bush worked with the man who beat his father in an ugly 1992 campaign. because jeb bush -- you put the interest of florida first. that's what christie is doing. i'm telling you. republicans have been taught a lesson in 2012. i hope it doesn't take 2013 and 2014 to drive that home. we're looking right now as the democrats of 1984. >> i don't like the term san francisco democrats. that was the knock on the city for the orientatio
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